l marchio italiano MyBeautyRoom nasce nel 2017. Durante il periodo della sua esistenza, il portafoglio dell'azienda iniziò a includere materiali professionali per l'extension e laminazione ciglia, l’architettura delle sopracciglia con l’henné. La gamma dei prodotti è in costante crescita e sempre aggiornata con nuovi prodotti. Il lavoro quotidiano viene svolto per migliorare i prodotti presentati, una parte dei quali viene sostituita da prodotti di nuova generazione. Scegliendo MyBeautyRoom puoi essere certo di scegliere i prodotti più moderni di alta qualità dell'industria della bellezza. MyBeautyRoom crea materiali professionali per extension ciglia di lusso, laminazione ciglia e sopracciglia, l’henné sopracciglia, utilizzati da numerosi operatori di bellezza in tutto il mondo!

Inna Kachurovska, nata in Ucraina, vive e lavora a Perugia. Nel campo dell'estetica dal 1998. La prima laurea in Giurisprudenza, la seconda come Interprete e Traduttrice, la terza in estetica. La fondatrice del brand italiano MyBeautyRoom che è il network di studi di bellezza per l’extension e laminazione ciglia, l’architettura delle sopracciglia con l’henné; la titolare del centro estetico e dell’Accademia Internazionale MyBeautyRoom. - Pluricampionessa delle gare internazionali- Organizzatrice e partecipante di numerosi master e corsi di formazione del settore Lash&Brow.- Giudice delle varie gare nazionali ed internazionali - Speaker del congresso The Games for Throne of Beauty 2019: Vienna, Austria- L'autore dei vari articoli sulle riviste del settore Lash&Brow- L’autore dei corsi di formazione online e offline. - L’organizzatrice della Beauty Crociera – maratona online per lashmaker, lamimaker e brow designerLa missione: non smettere mai di imparare e trasmettere le proprie conoscenze agli altri!


Inna Kharlamova 

• Judge of international eyelash extensions competitions
• Lashmaker with more than 10 years of experience
• Book co-author "50 shades of eyelashes"
• Speaker of the world conferences
• CREATIVE  of the year 2015 (1st National Annual Award «LashEmpress»)
• More then 2000 students worldwide
• Teacher of international level "Champion's lash school by Inna Kharlamova". Field masterclasses in the cities of the USA, Poland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, England, Portugal, Lithuania, France, Croatia, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Belgium, Spain.
• Trainer from the «Champion`s lash school by Inna Kharlamova» specializing in the following training programs: “Eyelash perming and LVL Treatment”, “Megavolume” , “Basic eyelash extension course” , “Competitions preparation” and “Styling eyes with the help of dark brown eyelash extensions” author’s course.
• Top-3 of the best masters of the world according to the magazine Lash inc. (England)
• Author of articles in Lashmaker

Popova Halyna 

• Speaker at All-Ukrainian and International conferences

• Book autor encyclopedia of lashmaker

• Book co-autor 50 shades of eyelashes

• Developer of the first Board game for lash specialists

• Director of school-studio of eyelash extensions “Glance” (Kyiv)

• Author of articles and many images in Professional Magazines – Lashmaker (Ukraine)

• Co-author of the lashmaker daily

• Winner of International award Crystal Eyelash (Republic of Belarus)

• Winner of numerous International and Regional competitions in nomination “Image creation”

Amélia Samuelian - Switzerlan 

💥CEO of 5 “Beauty Academie Swiss” in Switzerland 

💥Academies is Eduqua approved and awaiting to be certified in ISO 9001 international certification

💥Qualified anaesthetic over 9 years

💥20 years experience in dental medical 

💥Studied Lashmaker at Brando Babic PhiAcademy

💥Phibrow Artist

💥First academy in anaesthetic opened in 2017

💥Brand founder of “Samuelian” eyelashes

💥Qualified and Internationally approved medical anaesthetic trainer in:

💥Laser Hair Removal

💥Hyaluron Pen With Acid

💥Permanent Make-up (eyebrows, lips)

💥Eyelash Extensions


💥Brand founder of medical anaesthetic machine “MeliBeauty Sculpt” for non surgical body sculpting

💥Founder of Lash-maker and PMU Union in Switzerland 

💥Organiser of the first Eyelash and Nail championship in Switzerland in 2018 where participants came from around the world as a: France, Italy, Ukraine, Vietnam, Germany, Poland, Russia etc.

💥Judge of International Top Lash and Brow Competition in Italy

💥Judge of Lash Diamond Championship in Macedonia

Loredana Atanasiu 

👩‍⚖️Speaker and judge of national and international level, winner of many awards in the lash & brow field. 

💯Best works:

 _Aosta 2015_ Rome 2016_Bergamo 2017_ Romania 2017;

 💥Conference speakers: Lash Health Romania 2017_Top Lash Camp Romania 2018 and 2019 Romania

💥 International Lash Congress Rome 2019_ Torino Beauty Congress 2019.

 👩‍⚖️Judge of the following championships:

 Lash Challenge Croatia 2017_Lash Competition Timisoara 2018_Lash Feerie Barcelona 2018_Eyelash and Eyebrow Extension Olympics Turin 2017 and 2019.

 💣Organizer of the greatest European Word Lash Championship Venice 2019 and replicated in 2020.

❤Awarded as "the best in Italy" by the most famous brands on the national and international market.

Charlotte Infinicils 

💥Established since 2007 in my hometown of Reims, the capital of champagne.

💥I am the pioneer of eyelash extension in my region of Grand Estin France.

💥Initiated by Andréa Prince of Cil France, I 

have since climbed the ranks. 

💥I have participated in several Lash Art competitions that I am passionate about and won several titles.

❤My work was :

recognized and several major Lash Artist 

💥organizers appointed me as a judge or speaker by their side
👩Trainer since 2008

💯I created my own INFINICILS brand in 2018 and the 2019 Infinicils 

Trainer Corporation internationallyontest

Viktoria Okonkwo 

★ Founder and owner of the international "DV ELITE BEAUTY ACADEMY" Austria.

 ★ Founder and owner of the "DV ELITE LASHES" brand.

 ★ Certified international juror and speaker in the eyelashes, nails and PMU areas.

 ★ Owner of DV Elite Beauty salons in Vienna and Linz.

 ★ Organizer of International DV Elite Online Beauty Championships and Beauty Congress "Games for Throne of Beauty" in Slovakia, Austria, Czech Republic.

 ★ Sponsor of numerous championships in Europe.

 ★ Leading certified beauty business trainer.

 ★ Author and developer of her own training method in various beauty business areas

I am Emma Smith the owner of Lushlash. 

💥I still pinch myself sometimes that I get to do something I love this much as a job. 

💥When I started my career in eyelash extensions I never dreamed I would be where I am now. 

✌My Lash brand is growing daily and I am beyond grateful for everyone's support. I take pride in how much research and time goes into every single product I bring out. 

My new line of products are going to be launching within the next month and this has taken me months upon months to perfect! 

I want to make everyone realise no dream is ever to big.

Every expert was once a beginner.

Nataliia Vassalli

The owner of the school-studio Elite Lashes Swiss 🇨🇭(Mendrisio, Switzerland) 

The owner Eyelash extension brand Elite Lashes Swiss 

Member of Lashmaker and PMU Union in Switzerland 

🏆First ever Swiss champion🏆

Prize-winner of the Lèman D’Or lashmaker championship (Vevey, Switzerland, October 2018)

Championship Grand Prix🏆

1st place nomination Classic Eyelash category Grand Master 

1st place nomination Volume 5D category Grand Master

1st place nomination Mega Volume category Grand Master

3rd place nomination Volume 2 / 3D category Grand Master

Prize from Judge S. Bruno for Best  Work

Winner of the Championship Olimpiadi Extension Ciglia (Turin, Italy, February 2018)

1st place nomination Classic eyelash extension, Junior

1st place nomination Lamination, category Junior

3 place nomination Volume 3/4 D category Junior

3rd place nomination Super Volume category Junior

Prize from Judge T. Shaburova for the best work

Winner of the Universe Lash & Brow Competition Championship (Alicante, Spain, April 2018)

3rd place nomination Volume 4 ~ 7 D category master

Participant of the online championship Lamimaker Queen (Italy, May 2018)

Member of the Lash & Brow International Congress (Rome, November 2017)

-Judge of Lash Diamond Championship in Macedonia

-Judge of WLGC Championship in USA, San Diego

-Judge of Lashstyle Championship in Ukraine 

-Judge of Championship Kingdom Beauty Crown in London, England

Sonja Bogesch 

Lash&Browartist, Make Up Artist and beautician

10 years in the Lashbusiness

Owner of the eyelash studio Me&Beauty in Böblingen /Schönaich/ Germany

London Lash Pro Trainer

Winner of many Competitions with over 25 Trophies

2x Award of Excellence from London Lash Pro 2017&2019

Judge from many Competitions national and international

Speaker at conferences national and international

Lashartlover with many Trophies

Article writer for many Magazines

 Fabiola Di Girolamo 

I'm from Palermo (Sicily) I am 24 years old and I graduated from the socio-psycho pedagogical institute

 After I graduated I started working at the G. Gemmelaro museum in Palermo as a tour guide at the same time I managed the social networks and employees of a famous restaurant 'La Montagnola'

 I thought a lot about my path and my greatest passion ... So I thought of approaching it with something that fascinated me so much ... Aesthetics!

 I did my first eyelash extension course on 14/02/2017 in Palermo ...

 On 07/19/2017 I attended 3 courses in Treviso with the master Natalia Maksymova ... I attended the Russian volume, Lash Designer and Supreme volume course

 On 15/10/2017 I participated in the mega volume course with Liuda Apostol in Rome

 On 18 and 19/11/2017 I participated in the international Lash & Brow Congress in Rome

 On 10/03/2018 I was the organizer (together with Selenia Mazzucco) of the first course in Italy with Aida Oko ... I organized and participated in the course held in Rome

 On 23/04/2018 I organized and participated in the Russian volume course with Natalia Milicenco in Palermo

 In March 2018 I became a master for Seven Lashes in the Palermo and surrounding area

 On 27/05/2018 I participated in the Royal volume course with Svetlana Orlova in Messina

 On 02/12/2018 I took part in the eyelash and eyebrow lamination course with My Lamination

 I was a judge in the lash game, signature competition and Royal Challenge competition


Margaret Li Volsi 

I am Switzerland (Canton Ticino) I am 35 years old I started my career at LashMaker in 2009 attending the first basic course at Xtrime Lashes in Düsseldorf (CH), in October 2012 I attended an advanced one to one technique course  again for Xtrime Lashes in Düsseldorf, in February 2015 I attended a 3D course at the Beautycompany institute in Frauenfeld (CH), in February 2019 I attended a Royal Mega Russian Volume course with Master Smirnova Marianna, in February 2020 I attended a  specialization course and preparation for the Master with the teacher Yasenka Olga, also in 2020 I participated in online courses of Eyelash Extension. 

 From 2009 to 2019 I worked as a LashMaker at an institute specialized in eyelash extensions in Lugano

 Since January 2020 I have been a Master at the Oriella Page Aesthetic Conservatory in Lugano, a company for which I exercise my greatest passion as a LashMaker at The Nails Specialist institute


Denise Gatta

I am from Rome and I am 22 years old.  Immediately after middle school I went to the professional institute of beauty and hairdressing.  Graduating both as a beautician and as a hairdresser.  Just in the months following the diploma I discovered the existence of the eyelash extension treatment and having already entered the world of aesthetics through my studies I decided to try to participate in a basic course. 

 -On 17-18 / 09/18 I then participated in the first basic 1D technical and 2D technique course with PARADISE lash & brow by Szabina Sagi.

 -On 13/01/19 I took part in the Browmania course of Looksus Lashes Academy, thus starting to study architecture, modeling and eyebrow coloring.

 -On 12-13 / 04/19 I participated in the innovative course "eyelash filler" In Lei with Szabina Sagi.

 -On 21/05/2019 I attended the Infinity Lashes Volume course with Sharon Mantella.

 It was love at first sight, at first it seemed like a very difficult treatment but day after day it became more and more natural until today it seems to me to have always done it !!

 After attending all the courses on eyelash extensions my curiosity led me to enter the world of PMU by taking these courses:

 -On 28/10/19 you participate in the Microblading course with the Phibrows Academy followed by Denisa Dama phibrows Master.

 -From November to December 2019 I took part in the Regionare Tattoo & Pircing course at the Annamaria Finelli Academy.

 -On 7/01/20 I took part in the "Sandy ombrè duo" PMU course with the Annamaria Finelli Academy.

 - On 7/02/20 I took part in the advanced PMU course "All about Ombrè" by Annamaria finelli.

 -Finally on October 25, 2020 I finally graduated from Phibrows Academy